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Do you love to have your baby a nice nice and comfy seat?

As cute and snuggly as your baby is, you’ll need to put him or her down eventually. If your baby isn’t in your arms, you’ll want them in the next best place–The Baby Seat. It’s the perfect way to give your baby the support needed as they learn to sit up on their own.

It gives your baby the freedom to comfortably observe their surroundings, develop sensory and motor skills, and spend quality time with the family. Plus, it has a unique leg and back support that keeps your little one from tipping forward or sliding out.

How to place infant in Baby Seat

Step 1

Unfasten two front button snaps! These can be left undone to create more room also.

Step 2

Place the Baby Seat on the floor. Facing the seat hold your baby under the arms and gently place her into the seating area.

Step 3

Place one hand behind your baby's back for support. With your free hand, carefully move her feet into the leg openings.

Step 4

Refasten the two button snaps underneath the seat.



What is the recommended age for the Baby Seat? They can be used as soon as baby can support their own head. As a guideline the age range is from around 3 to 10 months.

Will it teach my baby to learn to sit upright on their own? The baby seat wasn’t developed to teach babies to sit upright on their own, but to allow mums to put their baby down in a soft and cosy environment. It is meant to give mums a little freedom, but with the knowldge that their baby is safely and comfortably within reach. It is not intended to teach a baby to sit upright.


  • Upright seating position
  • 360º of comfy support
  • Attached seat bottom
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Two toy attachments
  • Spot washable fabric
  • Safety Tested


  • Size: approx. 45 x 45 cm
  • Weight: 3.35 pounds
  • Material: Short Plush + PP Cotton

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