Bathroom Handle Grip

Bathroom Handle Grip


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Bathroom accidents happens unexpectedly. Take the precautionary measures by using our Powerful Bathroom grip! Easy to install. There's no need to drill a hole.With its powerful suction, you'd feel like  its been drilled into your bathroom wall.Will surely assist you in balancing while getting into or exiting from your bathtub or shower. Transfer it easily and take it anywhere!

With the help of our bathroom grips, its one way of making sure that elderly and your little ones are safe.Accidents doesn't take vacation! Get yours now!

Step 1. The item must be mounted on a clean,smooth ,non porous surface.
Ensure the surface is in good condition and clean using non abrasive soap and water.

Step 2. Inspect the rubber suction pads to ensure they are smooth and free from defects.
Clean using abrasive soap and water.

Step 3. Ensure the suction cup is wholly within the tile and does not cross any grout lines.

Step 4. With the tabs in the raised position,press the Bath or Shower Support Bar firmly on to the surface.This will expel air from under the suction cup.

Step 5. Press the tabs all the way down to ensure an air tight seal.

Step 6. Repeat Step 4 and Step 5 on the other side of the Support Bar.

Step 7. Ensure the Support Bar is securely attached before use.

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