DLP Mini Projector

DLP Mini Projector


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The DLP Mini Projector is a gorgeous pocket sized projectors capable of producing larger than life images while only measuring a few cubic inches. The 70-inch projection size is larger than most TVs on the market and this mini projector is certainly much more portable.

The DLP Mini Projector puts a movie screen in your pocket. With  30 lumens brightness both TV and widescreen movies can be displayed in their native format so you won't experience distortions or cut-offs. A built-in 950mAh battery brings up to 1 hour of play time but the projector can happily work while charging and it’s easy to plug in a micro USB cable and run it off a power bank for longer viewing sessions. 

The projector can play directly from the micro SD card slot which can take up to 32GB of video or music. With a 2W speaker, you get a respectable audio quality and the 3.5 mm headphone jack means you can plug in a speaker or use headphones so as not to disturb those around you. 

Cast a large screen theater, anytime, anywhere! 


  • Small but Powerful
  • Charge the Smart Beam & Phone at the same time! 
  • Use the External battery anytime/where
  • High Definition & Image Quality
  • Low noise & heat!


  • Projection Distance: 0.5-4.5m
  • Max Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Weight: 262.45g
  • Size: 44*46*45MM

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