(eBook) Foot Problems & What you Can do

(eBook) Foot Problems & What you Can do


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Our feet can be hard to care for. They carry our weight, take us places and often have to bear with our "poor" footwear choices. Blisters, bruises, being squeezed into tight spaces are just some of the ways we abuse them. 

It is no surprise that they tend to have a variety of problems, from flat feet to plantar fasciitis, our feet require just as much care as our faces! In this ebook, we cover a wide range of topics 

In each segment, we cover detailed explanations of some of the causes, and main areas to pay attention to, WHAT YOU CAN DO, including home remedies and proven solutions to these. 


The Perfect complimentary information ebook to our Foot Angel and Footy™ Series. Start paying attention to your feet and improve your quality of life with: FOOT PROBLEMS & WHAT YOU CAN DO 



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