Eyebrow Wig - 2 Pairs

Eyebrow Wig - 2 Pairs


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Have you been over zealous removing eyebrow hair by tweezing or waxing and your brows have become thin or spare? Do you have alopecia or a scar where hair cannot grow?

Our "eyebrow wigs" are made from 100% human hair and make the perfect addition to your hair loss arsenal. We love that these stick on eyebrows are so easy to use. A clear gel backing allows these glue on eyebrows to be worn on any skin tone and blend right in. These human hair eyebrows come in a variety of shapes and colors for the perfect custom look! 

Eyebrow wig will create the perfect eyebrow in an instant!  Anything but fake, these are the most natural looking human hair eyebrow on the market. Eyebrow wig create a 3-D effect, unprecedented in eyebrow replacement. Each eyebrow is made by hand. Each real hair is strategically placed one by one on the flexible gel backing to mimic natural hair growth. The clear backing allows your natural skin tone to show through for a truly natural look.

Eyebrow wigs are applied to offer a solution to “missing” brows. Get that confidence back with our EYEBROW WIGS!

How to Apply an Eyebrow Wig:

  • Start with a clean face.
  • Mark the starting and ending spot for the brow. The white pencil was used to ark the starting and ending spot for the brow. We recommend you trim thee wig from the tail end. It is easier to trim from here. Lay the wig down with a ruler that marks how long you want the wig to be. Compare the length you want for your brow to the length of the wig.
  • Place the wig netting side up and apply adhesive.  Here the wig is placed netting side up. We found the best way to keep the glue to a minimum was to place the glue lightly on the netting side of the wig.
  • Place wig onto marked lines.Line your wig up with marked lines, pressing firmly until adhesive is set (about 1 minute).
  • Groom your wig. Groom your wig to match your face carefully trimming stray hairs, trimming ends if needed. Use gel to keep hairs in place. Use brow bone highlighter to bring out your eyes.
  • The Finished Look. Clean off white stick marks by applying pressure with a cotton swab. Wigs should last 2-3 months with daily wear. Do not get wig wet. Do not wear wig in shower or when swimming. We recommend brushing powder on top of the wig to help ensure a more natural look and finish.
  • Wig Removal. To remove the wig gently peel using tweezers or your fingers starting from the base moving towards the tail (Do not pull). Clean wig.
  • Semi-permanent patented eyebrow wigs are applied to the skin, with cosmetic glue.
  • Do not smudge or smear away. Waterproof. Designed for multiple usage, depending on how it is handled. 
  • Perfect eyebrows every time! Easy to apply and remove.
  • Manufactured with safe inks using vegetable dyes. Has FDA approval.
  • Package includes 1 pair of eyebrow wig.




Quantity: 2 pieces

Ingredient: human hair

Net wt: 20g

Ingredient: Human hair tattoos eyebrows

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