Fidget Magnets

Fidget Magnets

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Activate your imagination and creativity. The Magnetic Puzzle Cube is capable of forming endless shapes and patterns. Great for releasing stress and improving flexibility and dexterity. Test your mental skills and challenge your patience!

Magnetic cube is a magical intellectual toy that activates your imagination and creativity, while stimulating and exercise your left and right brain. Its simple and generous appearance, exquisite and smooth combination in your hands will definitely stimulate your creativity and imagination.

Due to the mutual attraction between the mini magnet poles, this magic cube can be combined into any geometry freely. Use it as a brain-teaser or construct fun and whimsical structures with its magnetic pieces. This is easy to store and light-weight for travel. You'll definitely never get tired of toying with this handy cube! Grab yours now!




  • Creative and Decorative, Crafts and School, Do It Yourself, hold securely on magnetic white boards and magnetic boards.
  • Infinite combinations
  • A Perfecter Alternative for Video Games. Improves IQ and Creative Imaginations.


  • Size: 216pcs(0.2x0.2x0.2inch)
  • Material: Magnet, it is non-toxic and harmless
  • Weight : 12.3 oz

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