Heel Waffle™ - Regular

Heel Waffle™ - Regular

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Heel Pains are often caused by our natural fat pad being worn and compressed too much. Aggravated further by bone spurs and our body weight, it causes plenty of pressure and pain to our heels.

Heel Waffle™ has a patented, multi-cell "waffle" mesh design which absorbs shock and returns impact energy just like the fat naturally found in your feet.  

When you walk or run, Heel Waffle™ 's construction design bears down and rotates with the normal motion of the foot to absorb the shock.  And just like a spring, Heel Waffle™  returns that energy back for maximum comfort and performance. 


Suitable for dress shoes, heels, sneakers and even boots! Make your footwear extra comfortable and feel like you're on clouds. Grab the Heel Waffle™ today.


  • Thin and light design, suitable to put them inside in your shoes.
  • Cupped design helps consolidate fatty pad of heel to improve stability.
  • Softer centre pad absorbs excess pressure over the heel
  • helps relieve heel pain and regular the weight distribution.


  • Regular Size: US 5-8.5 Large Size: US 9-12 

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