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Helix Slicer


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If you spend many time in the kitchen preparing fruits or vegetables, then the Helix Slicer  is for you. This ingenious product makes fruits and veggies fun to work with for both you and your kids. It is so much fun!

Enjoy preparing and preserving nature's harvest The Helix Slicer makes quick work of any fresh and firm vegetable/fruit in 30 seconds or less. Perfect for large amounts of apples that need to be processed in a short amount of time. It creates thick slices of vegetables/fruits that are excellent for canning or drying in fun spiral shapes that are also great for snacking.

Make twisted potato chips, tornado potatoes and veggie snacks with this stainless steel potato slicer. It features a stainless steel, spiral shaped, food grade cutter that cuts the potato easily and efficiently. Red corrosion resistant coating of the slicer gives a hygienic and modern finish while the suction base supports a firm grip on the surface. This Spiral Potato Slicer is the perfect instrument to makes fast and easy Potato Chips right at home.

It is so much fun not only does this multi-function machine peels, slices and cores, it also allows you the option of only peeling, by easily removing the coring blade.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! We are so confident you'll be thrilled with your new Helix Slicer!

* High quality aluminum alloy body,very durable and not rust.
* 304 stainless steel blade,food grade.
* Funny operation and low maintenance.
* The bottom adopt rubber suction mount, very safe and convenient to slice potato.

Material: Aluminum alloy + Stainless steel+Rubber

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