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Neck pain, Back pain and Shoulder pain restrict daily activities and have a negative effect on quality of life. To make matters worse, they can be extremely difficult to treat and takes time to get relief, which leads many pain sufferers to consider expensive medicines.
Introducing Neck Ease™, the scientific cervical neck support to relieve neck pain and melt stress away. Clenched jaws, headaches, stiff neck, cramps and muscle spasms are just some of the results of stress so many of us hold in our neck and shoulders. Imagine laying on the weight of your head into a massage therapist’s healing hands, while the muscles in your neck, shoulders and back completely relax. This is what the Neck Ease™ can give you.

Ease neck and shoulder pain

The Neck Ease™ is scientifically and orthopedically designed to cradle your neck along the base of the skull for maximum relief of pain and tension. It allows your neck and shoulder muscles to rest in a fully relaxed position. An excellent way to recharge after a stressful day.

Soft & Comfortable Foam

The soft and comfortable foam gently wraps around your neck and gives your head the heavenly sensation like floating on air. It relieves neck tightness and pressure.

Safe, Lightweight and Easy to Use

The Neck Ease™ is the safest way to relieve pain on the neck and shoulder. The lightweight design allows you to use it in the car, sitting up in bed, reading, watching TV, typing, on a plane, or to ease stress at work. It comes with the anti-slip bottom to makes sure it stays in place.


  • Significantly reduce pain in the neck, head, shoulders, upper back and jaw
  • Isolate the cervical spine to release built-up tension
  • Alleviate tension headaches
  • Release pinched nerves
  • Reduce herniated discs
  • Melt away tension
  • Relieve overall pressure



  • Size: 25.5cm x 15.7cm x 13cm
  • Materials: Foam, Plastic
  • Weight: 0.25lb)

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