Rechargeable AA USB Battery

Rechargeable AA USB Battery


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Batteries can do dead at the worst times. Driving out to the store to get more can be such a pain! Especially if the weather is terrible, or the nearest store is a half hour drive away.

Well now you can charge your very own AA batteries at home! All you need is a USB port charger.

The 1450mAh USB Rechargeable battery can go for up to 500 cycles on a 5 hour charge each time. Charge it with your laptop, portable battery pack or even in your car!

Coming in a pack of 2, charge and use them over and over. Save the environment and the earth while doing so too!

How to use:

1. Pop off the top of the battery.

2. Insert into USB port, LED will light up

3. When charge is complete. LED will go off

4. Your brand new battery is good to go!

Charge up to 500 times!

Rechargeable USB Batteries help you save both money and the environment.


  • Portability-Easy Energy on the go: Built in intelligent USB charger
  • Recharge Anywhere: Charge anywhere from any accessible powered USB


  • Material: Nickel Metal Hydride, ABS plastic
  • Dimension: 14x50mm
  • Weight: 17g
  • 2 Pieces per pack

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